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And thus again we yearn for Containment:


Genocide humans!


"We must resurrect a Faith in Purity and its Glorification"-Yukio Mishima

Dead Teenage Girls (mk. 1)

Lyrik von Simar Rousseau

In the Twilight Field
My Girl she did yield
Down she was thrown
And her fate was sown
It was the End of the Romance
We had never known
It is Time to Remember
The Reaping Time, a Seed to Plant
In these Teenage Girls
With no Soul, no Heart, no Mind, at least none I can find

My sweet, receive the Mandate
Put your Hair in a Bow
Don't talk back
Forget the Pain
Lose weight
Be demure
Submit! Be quiet
Smile pretty
Oh my sweet Inlet
Let me look into the Future
And what it holds for you
Not what you dream of
You're dead! DEAD! Dead inside
And I'm there too

You were never around
The Look of a Girl in Love
Is the Look of Hollow Ways
A Pedestal above Nothing to Nowhere
Worthless by Design
It will always fall in Time
Then you lose the very Best you had to offer
Never recover. DEAD TEENAGE GIRLS!
I'm drawing a blank for you
I'm drawing a blank for me
If  I'm not free, never shall you be
How can I feel Friendship with a Girl that feels Nothing?!
Your Love is Empty! DEAD TEENAGE GIRLS!
Below and above
Receive this, Sweetheart, the Final Lesson of Love
There are no Rituals harsh enough
To exorcize False Love. HATE!
Das war ein Durcheinander
Fräulein, leibeigenes
So halt doch stille, verfluchtes Weib!
Mir, hörst du, mir
Gehört dein Leib!!...

Copyright © 1998 Stammtisch Recordings