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Genocide humans!


"We must resurrect a Faith in Purity and its Glorification"-Yukio Mishima


Lost in a world of little girl daydreams she is...Born into this mortal coil against her will. And thus shall leave in coldness. In the space between what is there? Isn't there a little something you want to give her? The eyes beg and the pleas are tearful. How can you resist? How can she resist?

Pourquoi est-ce que vous vous cachez?
Ne t'inquiete pas, il sera parfait!

Predator, prey, and protector. Hope's Angels and dashed dream devils. It shall always come to violence. No ceasefire silence. And there's that song again. Strikeback la femme. One for your mother. One for your sister. One for your daughter. One for every single girl that dashed your hopes with their narrow scope. She can lay back and think of England. He can layback and think of the payback. Someday it will all fall into place...

Herz, mien Herz, warum so traurig? Was bekümmert dich so sehr?

Formed in 1997 in a fit of joyous rage, Angel Containment has been going through the motions with both a certain sadness and a certain smile. This page is still under construction, so bear with us. We will be adding lyrics, audio samples, and additional information very soon. Tschüß - Simar Alain Rousseau

Liedtext (Lyrics)    Dramatis Personae

Song for an Ethnic Albanian Princess  What Reuters and the "rip and read" contingent simply cannot convey. All that pales when diplomacy fails. From mountain to mountain aggression mounting in rapid sucession. No real pull be continued.