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Architecture : What would Life be without Buildings?

ALVAR AALTO  Finland's finest architect!
BAUHAUS  Walter Gropius, Johannes Itten, et al.
LeCORBUSIER  Daniel's favourite architect (in a way).

Art and Photography : In Pursuit Of Truth, Beauty, and Surrealism

TREVOR BROWN  A Chap who draws Dolls, etc. Sexy Surrealism!
DAVID HAMILTON  British Photographer documenting Youth's Beauty!
JEAN FRANCOIS JONVELLE  Excellent French lensman.
JOCK STURGES  A source for the Master Photographer's books.

Copacetic Angelica : Glamour Girls Galore. J'aime les filles!

ANGELINA JOLIE  A place for all things Angelina.
NATALIE IMBRUGLIA  The official website of Simar's beloved singer.
DOMINIQUE MOCEANU  America's Sweetheart and ours too!.
PARKER POSEY  Hardest working Indy actress!
FRANZISKA SCHENK  Deutschland's beautiful speed skater.
DOMINIQUE SWAIN  The latest Lolita!

Culture and Travel : Around the World vicariously.

BAAN THAI  The Thai House on the web.
BIRGITTA JONSDOTTIR  She's a fascinating Icelandic multi-artist!
CROATIA  Zeljko Lupic's illuminating tour of Croatia.
F.I.D.E.  The World Chess Federation homepage.

Literature and Philosophy : Bücher über alles!!

YUKIO MISHIMA Our favourite author of all time!!
PHILOSOPHIE ALLGEMEIN Evola, Heidegger, usw. (auf deutsch).

Music : It makes for a quiet mind. A compendium of dulcet fancies.

CABARET VOLTAIRE Industrial and synth pop pioneers!
CARDIGANS  Toppermost of the Swedish poppermost!
CHRIS and COSEY  Their official homepage.
CHROME  Surrealistic rock innovators, humans in the rain.
CRISPY AMBULANCE  Superb early 80s Factory Recording artists
CURRENT 93  Where the Long Shadows fall...
DEATH IN JUNE A homepage for Europa's finest soul searchers
THE FALL  Featuring the foremost wordsmith Mark E. Smith!
ASTRUD GILBERTO  The true Girl from Ipanema!
FRANZ JOSEF HAYDN  Our favourite Austrian composer.
JEAN SIBELIUS  Our favourite Finnish composer. Oh Finlandia!
KRAFTWERK  Techno pioneers! The paragon of German Craftsmanship!
NEW WAVE COMPLEX  A fine overview featuring Heaven 17 et al!.
SAINT ETIENNE  Toppermost of the British poppermost!
SOL INVICTUS   Tony Wakeford's stand against the modern world.
STEREOLAB   Space age bachelor pad musicians.
SUSAN LAWLY  Home of WHITEHOUSE! Need we say more.
SWANS  From beauty to the very depths of deprivation and all that is in between.

Norse Paganism, Hinduism, and more : The North and South currents of spirituality.

ASATRU ALLIANCE  Discovering the Past, securing the Future!
THE COMPLETE CHODIST PAGE  The beautiful feminist aspect!
ODINIC RITE  Faith, Family, and Folk!
HINDUISM TODAY  A good overview of many aspects of Hinduism.

Vegetarianism and Animal Rights : Meat is indeed murder! Alas, we show tofu no mercy. We are the soy boys and girls!

ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT  Fighting the noble fight!
TIERSCHUTZVEREIN DACHAU  Deutscher Tierschutzbund!
VEG WEB  a good introduction to vegetarianism
WORLD OF TOFU  And what a wonderful world it is!

Axis Stammtisch (Unsere Freunde) : Wir schmieden die Zukunft!

ACHTUNG MINEN!  Some sage advice, heed well.
COPPER RANGE HISTORICAL PAGE  Excellent source of U.P. info!.
DC MAKI'S GOLF & CARDS   Let's call them fades and draws!
MENSCHENFIEND PRODUCTIONS   Extreme Music and thought here!
SCIENTIST RECORDINGS Featuring Ataxia and the Kindly Ones.
SWEET 16   Tea, toast, and jam!