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  Simar's Favourite Singles: The Eighties 


    Top Of the Pops! The Eighties (and a few choice late 70s selections!)

  1. A Certain Ratio: Do the Du(1981)(Factory)
  2. A Certain Ratio: Forced Laugh(1981)(Factory)
  3. Altered Images: Dead Pop Stars (1981)(Epic)
  4. Aztec Camera: Pillar To Post (1982)(Rough Trade)
  5. Aztec Camera: Oblivious (1983)(Rough Trade)
  6. Aztec Camera: Walk Out To Winter (1983)(Rough Trade)
  7. Bauhaus: Kick In the Eye (Searching For Satori)/ Harry(1982)(Beggars Banquet)
  8. Bauhaus: She's In Parties(1983)(Beggars Banquet)
  9. Blancmange: Game Above My Head (1983)(Decca)
  10. Cabaret Voltaire: Sensoria (1984)(Virgin)
  11. Cabaret Voltaire: I Want You/ Drink Your Poison (1985)
  12. China Crisis: Working With Fire and Steel(1983)(Virgin)
  13. Chris and Cosey: October (Love Song) (1982)(Rough Trade)
  14. Chrome: New Age (1980) (Siren)
  15. Chrome: Inworlds (In A Dream/ Dangerzone) (1981)(Siren)
  16. The Church: Electric Lash(1883)(EMI)
  17. The Church: Under the Milky Way/ Musk/ Warm Spell(1988)(Arista)
  18. Clan Of Xymox: A Day (1985)(4AD)
  19. Clock DVA: 4 Hours(1981)(Fetish)
  20. Julian Cope: Sunshine Playroom (1983)(Polydor)
  21. Julian Cope: Charlotte Anne (1988)(Island)
  22. The Cure: A Forest(1980) (Fiction)
  23. The Cure: Let's Go To Bed(1982)(Fiction)
  24. The Cure: The Walk(1983 )(Fiction)
  25. The Cure: The Lovecats (1983 )(Fiction)
  26. Current 93: Crowleymass (1987)(Maldoror)
  27. Darling Buds: Burst/Big Head/ Just Say So (1988)(Native/CBS)
  28. Darling Buds: Let's Go Round There (1989)(Native/CBS)
  29. Death In June: Heaven Street(1981)(NER)
  30. Death In June: Come Before Christ and Murder Love/ Torture By Roses (1985)(NER)
  31. Death In June: To Drown A Rose/Europa../Zimmerit (1987)(NER)
  32. Depeche Mode: See You (1982)(Mute)
  33. Depeche Mode: Love In Itself/ Fools (Bigger) (1983)(Mute)
  34. Depeche Mode: Master and Servant/ (Set Me Free)Remotivate Me (1984)(Mute)
  35. Depeche Mode: Stripped (1986)(Mute)
  36. Depeche Mode: Question Of Time (1986)(Mute)
  37. Depeche Mode: Behind the Wheel/ Route 66 (1986) (Mute)
  38. Depeche Mode: Little 15(1988)(Mute)
  39. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft: Liebe Auf den Ersten Blick (1981)(Virgin)
  40. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft: Brothers (1985)(Illuminated)
  41. Devo: Girl U Want (1980)(Warner Brothers)
  42. Die Krupps: Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn(1982)(ZickZack)
  43. Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf (1982)(Harvest/EMI)
  44. Duran Duran: Rio/ The Chauffeur (1982)(Harvest/EMI)
  45. Duran Duran: New Moon On Monday (1984)(EMI)
  46. Echo and the Bunnymen: The Pictures On My Wall/ Read It In Books(1979)(Zoo)
  47. Echo and the Bunnymen: The Back Of Love (1982)(Korova)
  48. Echo and the Bunnymen: The Cutter(1983)(Korova)
  49. Einstürzende Neubauten: Yü Güng (Fütter Mein Ego) (1984)(Some Bizarre)
  50. Eyeless In Gaza: Kodak Ghosts Run Amok/ The Feelings Mutual (1980)(cherry Red)
  51. Eyeless In Gaza: Veil Like Calm (1982)(Cherry Red)
  52. Eyeless In Gaza: New Risen/ Bright Play Of Eyes/ Scent On Evening Air/ Drumming the Beating Heart (1983)(Cherry Red)
  53. The Fall: How I Wrote Elastic Man (1980)(Rough Trade)
  54. The Fall: Lie Dream Of a Casino Soul/ Fantastic Life (1981)(Kamera)
  55. The Fall: Look, Know/ I'm Into C.B! (1982)(Kamera)
  56. The Fall: The Man Whose Head Expanded (1983)(Rough Trade)
  57. The Fall: C.R.E.E.P/ Pat-Trip Dispenser (1983)(Beggars Banquet)
  58. The Fall: Living Too Late/ Hot Aftershave Bop (1986)(Beggars Banquet)
  59. The Fall: Big New Prinz(1988)(Beggars Banquet)
  60. John Foxx: Europe After the Rain/ You Were There(1982)(Virgin)
  61. Heaven 17: We Live So Fast(1983)(Virgin)
  62. Heaven 17: Come Live With Me (1983)(Virgin)
  63. Heaven 17: Crushed By the Wheels Of Industry(1983)(Virgin)
  64. Human League: Empire State Human (1979)(Virgin)
  65. The Jam: Town Called Malice/ Precious (1982)(Polydor)
  66. The Jam: Beat Surrender (1982)
  67. Japan: Life In Tokyo(1979)(Hansa)
  68. Japan: Quiet Life(1979)(Hansa)
  69. Japan: Gentlemen Take Polaroids(1980)(Virgin)
  70. Japan: European Son(1982)(Hansa)
  71. Joy Division: Digital/ Glass (1978)(Factory)
  72. Joy Division: Transmission (1980)(Factory)
  73. Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart/ These Days (1980)(Factory)
  74. Joy Division: She's Lost Control/ Atmosphere (1980)(Factory)
  75. Kraftwerk: Tour de France (1983)(Warner Brothers)
  76. Laibach: Panorama/ Decree (1984)(Cherry Red)
  77. Laibach: Geburt Einer Nation (1987)(Mute)
  78. Love and Rockets: Kundalini Express(1986)(Beggars Banquet)
  79. Love and Rockets: No New Tale To Tell(1987)(Beggars Banquet)
  80. Martha and the Muffins: Echo Beach(1980)(Dindisc)
  81. Midnight Oil: The Dead Heart (1988)(Columbia)
  82. The Names: Nightshift (1981)(Factory)
  83. New Order: Blue Monday/ The Beach (1983)(Factory)
  84. Gary Numan: Down In the Park(1979)(Beggars Banquet)
  85. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Electricity/ Almost (1979)(Dindisc)
  86. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Red Frame/ White Light (1980)(Dindisc)
  87. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Enola Gay/ Annex (1980)(Dindisc)
  88. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans)(1981)(Dindisc)
  89. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Genetic Engineering (1983)(Telegraph)
  90. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Talking Loud and Clear/ Julia's Song (1984)(Virgin)
  91. Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark: Tesla Girls (1984)(Virgin)
  92. Pet Shop Boys: One More Chance(1984)(ZYX)
  93. Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls(1985)(EMI)
  94. Pet Shop Boys: Opportunities/ In the Night (1985)(EMI)
  95. Pet Shop Boys: It's a Sin(1987)(EMI)
  96. Pet Shop Boys: Rent(1987)(EMI)
  97. Pet Shop Boys: Left To My Own Devices(1988)(EMI)
  98. Pink Industry: Don't Let Go/ Ticket To Heaven(198 )(Cathexis)
  99. The Police: Spirits In the Material World (1981)(A & M)
  100. Psychedelic Furs: Sister Europe(1980)(Columbia)
  101. Psychedelic Furs: Love My Way(1982)(Columbia)
  102. Psychic TV: Godstar (1985)(Temple)
  103. Renegade Soundwave: Biting My Nails (1988)(Mute)
  104. Section 25: Sakura(1982)(Factory)
  105. Section 25: Looking From a Hilltop(1984)(Factory)
  106. The Smiths: What Difference Does It Make? (1984)(Warner Brothers)
  107. The Smiths: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (1985)(Warner Brothers)
  108. The Smiths: Bigmouth Strikes Again (1986)(Warner Brothers)
  109. The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone (1989)(Silvertone)
  110. The Stone Roses: What the World Is Waiting For/ Fool's Gold (1989)(Silvertone)
  111. The Stranglers: Golden Brown(1981)(EMI)
  112. The Stranglers: Strange Little Girl(1982)(EMI)
  113. The Stranglers: European Female(1982)(EMI)
  114. Strawberry Switchblade: Since Yesterday(1984)(Korova)
  115. The Style Council: My Ever Changing Moods(1984)(Polydor)
  116. The Sugarcubes: Deus/ Luftgitar/ Night of Steel (1988)(One Little Indian)
  117. David Sylvian: Red Guitar/ Forbidden Colours (1984)(Virgin)
  118. David Sylvian: Pop Song(1989)(Virgin)
  119. Taco: Puttin' On the Ritz (1982)(BMG Ariola)
  120. Talk Talk: It's My Life/ Does Caroline Know?(1984)(EMI)
  121. Tears For Fears: Mad World(1982)(Mercury)
  122. Tears For Fears: Change(1983)(Mercury)
  123. The Teardrop Explodes: Treason/ Books (1980)(Zoo)
  124. The The: Uncertain Smile (1983) (Some Bizzare)
  125. The The: This Is the Day (1983) (Some Bizzare)
  126. The Times: I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (1982)(Artpop!)
  127. Tin Tin: Kiss Me(1983)(Virgin)
  128. Tones On Tail: Lions/ Go!(1984)(Beggars Banquet)
  129. Tuxedomoon: What Use (1980)(Ralph)
  130. Ultravox: Hiroshima Mon Amour(1977)(Island)
  131. Vapors: Turning Japanese(1980)(United Artists)
  132. Visage: Fade To Grey(1980)(Polydor)
  133. The Walker Brothers: The Electrician(1978)(GTO)
  134. Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio/ Call Of the West(1983)(IRS)
  135. Wire: Ahead/ Vivid Riot Of Red (live)(1987)(Mute)
  136. Yello: I Love You (1983)(Elektra)
  137. Yello: Vicious Games (1986)(Elektra)

    And onward to the Nineties