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  Simar's Favourite EPs and Sundries 


    Top Of the Pops! EPs and Sundries From the Eighties and Nineties.

  1. Belle and Sebastian: Dog On Wheels(1997)(Jeepster)
        (Dog On Wheels/ The State I Am In/ String Bean Jean/ Belle and Sebastian)

  2. Death In June: Sun Dogs (1994)(NER/Twilight Command)
        (Rose Clouds Of Holocaust/ 13 Years Of Carrion/ Symbols Of the Sun (live)/ Rose Clouds Of Holocaust (live))

  3. The Fall: Call For Escape Route (1984)(Beggars Banquet)
        (Draygo's Guilt/ Clear Off!/ No Bulbs/ Slang King 2/ No Bulbs 3)

  4. Lush: Scar (1989)(4AD)
        (Baby Talk/ Thoughtforms/ Scarlet/ Bitter/ Second Sight/ Etheriel)

  5. Lush: Mad Love(1990)(4AD)
        (De-luxe/ Leaves Me Cold/ Downer/ Thoughtforms)

  6. Lush: Black Spring(1990)(4AD)
        (Nothing Natural/ Fallin' In Love/ God's Gift/ Monochrome)

  7. Muslimgauze: Iran(1989)(Staaltape/ Soleilmoon)
        (Lion Of Kandahar/ Qom/ Intifadah)

  8. New Order: 1981-1982(1982)(Factory)
        (Everything's Gone Green/ Procession/ Mesh/ Temptation/ Hurt)

  9. Radiohead: My Iron Lung(1994)(Parlophone/ EMI)
        (My Iron Lung/ The Trickster/ Lewis/ Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/ Permanent Daylight/ Lozenge Of Love/ You Never Wash Up After Yourself/ Creep (acoustic))

  10. Radiohead: Airbag (How Am I Driving?)(1998)(EMI)
        (Airbag/ Pearly/ Meeting In the Aisle/ A Reminder/ Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)/ Melatonin/ Palo Alto)

  11. Saint Etienne Daho: Reserection(1995)(Virgin)
        (Reserection/ Jungle Pulse/ X Amours/ Accident/ Le Baiser Fran˘ais)

  12. Smashing Pumpkins: The Aeroplane Flies High (5 cd box set)(1996)(Virgin)
        (Bullet With Butterfly Wings/ Said Sadly/ You're All I've Got Tonight/ Clones/ A Night Like This/ Destination Unknown/ Dreaming/ 1979/ Ugly/ The Boy/ Cherry/ Beleive/ Set the Ray To Jerry/ Zero / God/ Mouths Of Babes/ Tribute To Johnny/ Marquis In Spades/ Pennies/ Pastichio Medley/ Tonight, Tonight/ Meladori Magpie/ Rotten Apples/ Jupiter's Lament/ Medallia Of the Grey Skies/ Blank/ Tonite Reprise/ Thirty-Three/ The Last Song/ The Aeroplane Flies High/ Transformer/ The Bells/ My Blue Heaven)

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